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Family and Group Health Insurance coverage plans secure your long-term health by providing you with complete benefits. Let us help you find the coverage that meets your needs.



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"The Rapid Quote Insurance agents are very knowledgeable about Life Insurance policies and are truly dedicated to educating the customer. I would definitely recommend your Insurance services to my colleagues, friends and family..." - Angela Y., Santa Barbara, California

Health Insurance Information

Below are key terms that will help you learn more about health insurance in California. We simplified these terms for you.

Deductible- what you pay before the insurance company will start to pay.

Co-pay- a specific dollar amount you pay for services rendered to the insured.

Co-insurance- the cost sharing the insured "you" and the carrier do up to max out of pocket met at which point if the max out pocket is met the insurance picks up at 100%.

Max out of pocket- the most "you" the insured will ever pay in a calendar year.

Negotiated fee- The discounted rate that the insurance company has pre-negotiated with the hospitals and physician
that you received by being insured which is much less that if you had no insurance.