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"My agents at Rapid Quote Insurance gave a detailed and step by step explanation of all my options and choices for health insurance coverage. Because of this information, I was able to save money and receive the same benefits as my previous health insurance policy." - Lisa Moore, California

Health Insurance Coverage FAQ:

Q: My employer recently went out of business and I lost my job. Am I still eligible for Cobra?

Since your employer went out of business, the applied insurance for your group will be unavailable. Since your group coverage is done, there will be no way to continue that health group coverage. However, we do recommend checking with your state insurance department to see you’re if you are eligible for support from different health plans.

My employer has a sponsored group health plan. However, I am not eligible for the group plan. What step should I take to receive affordable health coverage?

Most California Residents do not get health insurance coverage from their employers. You can find out if there are groups for you to join…some credit card companies, organizations, clubs, or associations will offer group health care coverage.  If this is not possible, you may consider protecting yourself with a short-term health insurance offer or health insurance coverage plan.

My employer substituted our PPO health insurance plan to HMO. Can you please clarify the contrast between PPO health insurance coverage and HMO?

Many differences occur between PPO health insurance and HMO. One main difference is that HMO contains more restrictions when it comes to coverage for a non-network provider. Another main factor for HMO coverage is that you may have to select a primary-care physician within the designated network. HMO coverage can be also be more expensive and provide more coverage. PPO health insurance my have a more up front and out of pocket cost.

Q: I have a young daughter who is over the age of 18 and is moving out my household. I found out that will not be able to have her under the same insurance plan. What is the next the step my daughter should take about health coverage?

A: The first step your daughter could take for health coverage is to find coverage under a group policy from her employer or other organizations she may be involved with. If she is not eligible for a group policy, she should consider a short-term health policy or individual health coverage. We would recommend a short-term health policy for her if she is in good health and does not have any medical conditions. With this policy she will receive a high coverage limit that will incorporate treatments such as emergency care and surgery for a small premium, relatively. Short-term health coverage policies are available for one to three years and can be maintained with monthly payments.

Q: Pre-existing medical conditions is something I read about when I reviewed different health care coverage plans. Are all the health insurance coverage plans prohibiting coverage for those with pre-existing medical conditions?

A: An immediate answer is no. Most health plans curb or place limitations on coverage for those with pre-existing medical conditions.