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Rapid Quote Insurance works with the most reputable carriers of health and life insurance. We can help you lots of money and time. Call us today 888-865-4455!




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"What I really like about the agents at Rapid Quote Insurance is they take their time and clarify all of the keywords and details I need to know about my health insurance policy. I really appreciate their customer service." - Kate B, Fresno, California

Health Insurance in California:

Rapid Quote Insurance has established relationships to access the largest selection of Insurance Carriers for California residents.

Rapid Quote Insurance helps California Residents find the coverage they need to protect their
families and employees while saving them hundreds of dollars at the same time. Our insurance agents utilize their strengths in finding affordable coverage plans with maximum coverage.
We search to find the right health coverage plan for California residents.

We may ask you about the following:

Covered Services: The medical services that are covered by your health coverage plan.

Deductible: The amount California Residents may need to pay prior to an insurance company providing payment for services.
Co-payment: Following the extent of your deductible, you would want to know how much you pay for services out of pocket and how much the insurance company pays for those services.

Out-of-pocket Maximum: You would need to know the maximum coverage and payments you will receive from your insurance carrier.

Pre-Existing Conditions: If you already have health problems – you would want to know if your insurance carrier will cover them as soon as the policy is in effect, or when the insurance carrier will begin to cover them.

Provider Network: Are there doctors who are not covered in your insurance policy? If they are not covered, would you have to pay more to be able to see those doctors? It is best to confirm with your doctor and ensure that they accept your insurance policy.

Have questions: You can call us @ 888-865-4455